A korean lunch

After a busy morning shooting some outfits we decided it was time to take a break and eat. Since Alexia has been talking to me about Bibimpap for so long and we were close to her favorite Korean restaurant, we decided to have a quick lunch on their terrace. The food there was delicious, it's perfect for a fresh summer meal and fun to share in order to taste everything. We obviously had the Bibimpap, which was as tasty as promised. We also shared an asian salad that was refreshing with its combination of veggies, nuts and lemony dressing. We took advantage of this time to re-energised ourselves before an upcoming long aftertoon of editing and blogging! Unfortunately, our break was cut short by the bee surronding us. I was on a verge of a mini panic attack! It was nice anyway, I enjoy every oppotunity I have to sit down and chat with best friend!