Migratory Meeting

The “Integrated Objects and Space, Passage” studio consisted in creating temporary, seasonal and spontaneous devices to animate a particular site in the city. Moreover, the devices were to be design in consideration of the seasons, the evolution of the site and the changes and transformation of the city. The devices’ main intent was to produce an experience for its users while putting forth the environment they integrated themselves in.

Considering the site had to be in need of an intervention, I choose “le parc des rapides” since it is located on the St-Laurent river, it’s surrounded by rapids and most interestingly it is a birds’ migratory pole. The park itself is artificial, hence it is made of big rocks piled on one another, making it sometimes difficult to walk around. I choose to install my devices at the tip of the park where most of the rapids are and where the view is breathtaking. 

The installation is composed of medium sized modules linked to one another through platforms. The modules slowly come down near  the rapids which creates a sensation of tension between the users and the water. In short, the intention was to design an installation that makes it easier to walk around the park’s tip as well as being able to sit and enjoy what the environment has to offer and express to its users. 

The module is a structural platform, a stopping point as well as a sitting area. It is made of rocks and of discreet materials so it can incorporate itself to the site’s materiality in a way that leaves as little as possible a footprint to the park.