Tomboy Shoes and girly dress

I believe all women have their personal favorite print that they always go to when they shop. I am definitely a leopard kind of girl! I know for a lot of you guys this print is classified as tacky or too bold, but I find that it is one of the most versatile. Like for any print, you just have to make it your own! I personally prefer leopard printed pieces because they add an edgy twist to my personal style. Accessories, shoes, clothes, everything are welcome in my wardrobe! I most often like to style it with another item that contrasts it. I usually go for a very boyish item like these shoes, which makes the look more unique and "cool" if I may say so... Once again, dare prints for fall! They are too fun not to wear them and easy to pair with your favorite basic pieces.

Lau modifiée_23.JPG