New LOV in Downtown MTL


When it comes to vegan food I tend to look at it sceptically, especially for vegan cheese... I mean it's not cheese, it's cashews and spices! I am exaggerating a bit! Honestly, I think that every diet have their benefits. Vegan, for instance, makes you discover different ways of cooking. Who new that chickpea juice, once beaten in a mixer, foams itself up and ends up having the same texture as egg whites!? 

This fairly new vegan restaurant, called Lov, on Mcgill, opened up a new branch in Downtown Montreal, more specifically on "De la montagne" street. I thought the food, the decor and the feel of the place was worth mentioning in this post. If you like trying out new things, you should definitely stop there and eat the food. I am sure you'll like it!

A Sister Takeover


My younger sister Clara, just like me, either puts on well thought out outfits or lazy thoughtless basics. While this post was to introduce her to the blog, it was also to share her own style and sense of fashion. Clara, who has a more edgy style than mine, paired a black top with her favorite pair of wide leg pants. She added a jeans jacket and layered some original necklaces to make the outfit more casual. Props to her! I love her look and will probably steal it from time to time! 

Sandro Jacket, Louis Vuitton bag, Aritzia Pants, Urban Outfitters Top, Vintage Necklaces.

Sandro Jacket, Louis Vuitton bag, Aritzia Pants, Urban Outfitters Top, Vintage Necklaces.

Colourful Jacket for the Countryside

Zara Jacket, Agnes B. Skirt and Top.

Zara Jacket, Agnes B. Skirt and Top.

I found this awesome jacket at Zara's while shopping with a friend. Despite the fact the front of the jacket can look a little cheap, I couldn't resist the crazy back and so I bought it immediately. Even my mom was surprised it came from Zara! I put it in my luggage for this weekend outing to the chalet and found it brought life to the ordinary outfits I had. Here's some pictures showing the jacket and its amazing patterns and details.

A Week in Italy


Assisi and Perugia | 2 days

I just finished my bachelor degree in design and to celebrate I decided to spend a week in Italy! The first stop was in Assisi, a small, provincial town that made me think of the ones in Disney animated movies. The scenery was so beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was almost too perfect and too put together to be true. It was peaceful, the food was better than expected, especially the one at the Trattoria Degli Umbri restaurant where I ate the best plate of pasta I've ever eaten. I even went eating there two days in a row! As for Perugia, I only got to visit it for a couple of hours. It was pretty but a different kind of pretty, it was less picturesque and more what you would expect of a university town.


Florence | 3 days

Florence, my next stop, was quite different from Assisi. First, there was much more tourists, so much, it felt italiens had disappeared from their own city! Of course they hadn't, but still it was definitely a touristic town and everyone could tell. Moreover, there was so much to see, from churches to churches that I didn't manage to see them all. Fortunately, I got to see the important ones, like the Basilica of Santa Croce, the Basilica Santa Maria Novella and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Despite the fact that I went there especially for the overabundance of art masterpieces (thanks to the Medici family) I also enjoyed trying out restaurants and cafés. The best ones I tryed would have to be La Ménagère, Ditta Artigianale, Il Santo Bevitore and Trattoria Zàzà.

Rome | 1 1/2 Day

Rome, the final destination, was short lived. I visited the city when I was younger but had forgotten how pretty it is. This time I managed to go see the most popular attractions, like the colosseum and the old remains of the Roman period. I also walked through the little streets near the Piazza Navona, visited the Vatican, which might I say, is ridiculously rich and of an exaggerated type of architecture that made me feel awkward... As for the simple pleasures, like eating (real foodie talking here), I went to the Hotel de Russie and took a plate of prosciutto and cantaloup and drank a exotic juice, both were good but over priced. Somehow the fact it was expensive wasn't a bad deal since the place was beautiful, relaxing and had two cute cats named Mona and Lisa.

"Foodchain" in Downtown Montreal


This new restaurant/healthy fast food situated in Downtown Montreal, opened today and displayed the meticulous work that was put in the food as well as the place's design. "Foodchain", though the name rises questions concerning the 101 law on french language, is a salad place that promises a potential for multiple branches opening. It's seems the salad concept is the trend right now for restaurants; just by looking at Mandy's salades gourmandes fourth branch that opened in the old Montreal we can easily say salads are a safe bet! Foodchain though, tries to offer more of a young and easy vibe that manifests itself through the display, the design and the opened kitchen that presents a view on the busy employees preparing the salads.

Charles-Antoine Crête, owner of the Montréal Plaza, is the one with his sous-chef Cheryl Johnson behind the 8 original salads offered on the menu. Knowing the chef's amazing talent and his previous work, I was expecting something more crazy, still the pairing of the ingredients pointed out his acute sense of balance of flavours. As for the design of the place, it was led by none other than Zebulon Perron, the master of restaurant design when it comes to the city of Montreal. Foodchain's design rimes with efficiency and freshness, qualities at the heart of the concept. If you happen to be in the neighboorhood, make sure to stop by.

Blueberry and Cinnamon Smoothie


I haven't posted anything for a while. I've been quite busy with university and my last design project. Meanwhile, I wanted to start a youtube channel for the fun of making videos and also because I feel some subjects are more comprehensible through moving images, for example a recipe... 

So here is a simple and easy smoothie recipe I found in a magazine called Nourish. The magazine holds a variety of articles about food, well being, etc. It's worth checking if you stubble upon it! I was at my chalet and while skimming through it I found this recipe, wanted to try it out and thought it would be an easy subject to film. Hope you'll try it!

Paul Smith and Chloé

Chloé Dress, Vanessa Bruno Leather Jacket, Paul Smith Socks, L'intervalle Shoes and Vivienne Westwood Bag.

Chloé Dress, Vanessa Bruno Leather Jacket, Paul Smith Socks, L'intervalle Shoes and Vivienne Westwood Bag.

It's a well known fact that the little black dress, "lbd" for the acronym lovers, is a must have as much as the white t-shirt, the jeans and the black stiletto are. Well I have just recently purchased my first one and I am much in love. The dress is from See by Chloe, it's very comfortable and easy to wear either for casual days or special occasions. The little details around the wrists and the shoulders make it an original and classic piece of clothing different from the little black dresses we are used to see. 

I could have paired it with pretty much everything but that day I wore it only with a leather jacket and a pair of ankle boots. If I had an advice it would be that even if your main pieces are classics, don't refrain yourself; it's always nice to add a small notch to your outfit through accessories for exemple just like I did with the sparkly pink socks and the colourful handbag.

Photos taken by Clara Florence Dumas.

Bohemian Chic

Agnès B. Sweater, Elizabeth and James Bag and Skirt, Zara Kimono,  Marsèll  Shoes, Zoë chicco Necklace.

Agnès B. Sweater, Elizabeth and James Bag and Skirt, Zara Kimono, Marsèll Shoes, Zoë chicco Necklace.

This outfit was a real mix and match, "let's try to make something out of this" small event. Just before leaving for a trip I make it a duty to look up the temperature of my destination that way I can pack my suitcase accordingly. Sometimes though, the temperature can take you by surprise, just like it did when I left for Los Angeles. I was expecting a week around 17 degrees Celsius but we had the luck of hitting the 25 degrees. Do I need to say that I'm happy when we hit the zero degree here in Montreal? Imagine my contentement! So, basically I had packed items more lightweight just in case something like this would happen. I didn't think if everything would go well together, but in the end I managed to pull it off and make a dynamic outfit with a little contemporary asian twist.

Photos taken by Clara Florence Dumas.