Mon essentiel, WANT


Each time I pass by the Want Apothecary store on Sherbrooke Street, I end up looking at the showcase, imagining myself wearing the displayed outfit. It leaves me with a feeling of empowerment.

All the items in the store reflet the owners' point of view on fashion and design. The brands all have that casual / street style look and yet their pieces of clothing stand out from other similar brands. What sets them apart is their pure lines that give the pieces either a classic twist, a modern one, etc. You can find Maison Kitsuné, ACNE, Filippa K, Michel Vivien and others.

I couldn't afford shopping there on a daily basis but if I wanted to have my money well spent in something of quality and trendy, I would go there since everything is so carefully chosen.

I recently received a bag Les Essentiels de la Vie as a birthday gift. It's a unique piece made of high quality leather designed by the two brothers who are also the founders of the compagny. The Mini Piper's tiny size and well thought design makes it impossible for me to leave the house without it.

Byron and Dexter Peart are twin brothers from Montreal and also the co-founders of Want Les Essentiels de la Vie. The two brothers had worked previously in men's sportswear as well as marketing for Diesel and Miss Sixty. They decided to lauched their own compagny in 2006 with a third partner, Mark Wiltzer.

The idea behind Les Essentiels de la Vie was to design a collection of items that are both functional, simplicitic and of high quality. With those characteristics, the bags are set to get even more value through time.

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