Ikea welcomes Ilse Crawford


Ikea has always been my go to place for simple and basic furniture, that’s why I was so excited when I heard Studioilse and Ikea had collaborated in the creation of a 30 pieces collection. Ilse Crawford, Studioilse’s founder, and Ikea have worked hand in hand to develop objects that are both representative of her philosophy and Ikea’s. Sustainability is at the heart of their concept as well as natural materials and neutral colors. From what I see on the photos they’ve managed to create designs that are equally chic, simple and thoughtful. We are looking at cork-covered tables, glass bottles, jars, lamps, seats, cushions and more. It has already launched in the UK, but we’re still waiting for it in Canada. It should be available this October.

Looking forward to shop at Ikea this fall!


Photos from Ikea.com