Kenzo and H&M this November


H&M has collaborated with many designers, notably with Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang and just recently with Balmain. November 3rd, they are launching their new collection in collaboration with Kenzo. From the previews they've given, the clothes are typical Kenzo; a lot of prints and a lot of colours. I'm really excited to get my hands on some of the items of the collection. Hopefully, it won't be a chaos getting in... just kidding, it will definitely be one. I have got to go nonetheless, especially for the dotted dark blue dress at the bottom left corner of the post.

* H&M says "its a collection that celebrates the history of the brand by reproducing the most caught on pieces that made it through the 70, 80 and 90 while adding a contemporary touch of Lim and Leon's designs.

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About Kenzo :

It was founded in 1970 by the Japanese designer Kenzo Takada who opened his first boutique in Paris. His creations were a mix of traditional Japanese designs, of other cultures and of the high fashion world of Paris. With his fancy colourful prints and his original cuts he rapidly made his way up in the fashion industry. The brand his directed by both artistic directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, who manage to keep the image and the quality of what Kenzo has created.


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