Pop up at Melbourne


The first time I went to the Melbourne Café I felt I was entering a real Australian Coffee Shop. The place is filled with Australian souvenir-like objects. Between the virgin Mary on the wall, the polaroids sticked on the mirror and the plastic kangaroo next to the marzocco machine, you get the feeling you're entering someone's own home. The coffee is really good; true to the third wave way of making coffee. I went there today with my family for a nice brunch since it was the last weekend of their pop up brunch. They don't usually serve food except for pastries but they've decided to collaborate with a great young chef called Saad Bahbahni (@ozwaldfelixcreates). I think the notion of having a pop up kitchen is really interesting. Not only is it nice for the chef to be able to cook sporadically without the stress of owning a place, but it also gives another vision of the Café to its customers. The food was delicious and nicely presented. I don't know if the owner plans to make another pop up brunch soon but make sure to go check the place anyway. As for Saad, check out his instagram to see is creations and whereabouts.

*The Café is located on St-Laurent Street between Villeneuve Street and Mont-royal avenue. It is kind of easy to miss because it's under the balcony of a three story high apartment building. I am telling you this in advance, just in case you would want to go.