A little Coffee at Monocle's in London


I recently went on a trip to the "oh so great London!". It lasted only three days; must I say it was too short? It's such a beautiful city that has so much to offer in variety, from shops, restaurants, museums, architecture, etc.

The city has this kind of relaxing or you could say "chill" vibe that is somehow similar to Montreal's, which is probably why I feel at home in London. Moreover, people are nice, always there to help, have the best accent and are a great source of inspiration.

But less on the city, since there is too much to say, and more on the subject matter...


Monocle is first and foremost a magazine that covers "on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more." They print an issue once a month but since it started it has grown and they now have two other seasonal publications. They also published three books (The Monocle Guide to Better Living/Good Business/Cosy Homes) and recently started publishing a series of travel guides ; I bought the one on London before leaving for this trip. They're more user friendly than usual travel books where you easily get lost because of too much information. In this particular guide I came upon (obviously) monocle's shop and coffee shop. I went and was really pleased. The shop is quiet simple and sells goods, either ones that Monocle designed in partnership with other brands or items they choose from other compagnies. As for the coffee shop, it was really cute, fresh and had a welcoming atmosphere. They have the best pumpkin pie ever! The matcha latte (one of my favorite drinks) was more refreshing than usual ; it wasn't as sweet as I'm used to have it. If you ever go to London be sure to check those places out, and maybe their magazine too!