MO&Co. A New Discovery


July is the month where you welcome sales in your wallet without fidgeting. With that in mind, I went shopping to Simons (Quebec founded Clothing Stores) and came upon a coat made of light pink silk and a pair of sleek white pants. Both pieces are from the brand Edition 10 / MO&Co. a brand I didn't know until my purchase.

I did a little research ... 
The Chinese label MO&Co. was launched in 2004 by the creative director Jenny Kam. Since then it has greatly expanded and they now have more than 500 stores in China. The label's pieces have a modern-edgy look which the brand qualifies as "boy-girl chic" style. The success MO&Co. managed to acquire over the years is partly due to the affordable price of the pieces and the higher quality they have compared to their competitors. 

MO&Co. launched in 2010 a high-end label called Edition 10. The clothing pieces are more expensive but still less than other luxury brands. Their design is sophisticated and chic which gives a contemporary look to the pieces. 

On that note, lets hope, the brand will soon open stores in North America. Still you can find them in Simons' stores, and online at The bay and Shopbop

MO&co's website