New York 2017


A drive to New York from Montreal only lasts six hours and that's why I've gone there approximately each year since I was six years old. Through the years I've discovered many places, restaurants and shops and so each time I go with my family or my friends I go back there and see what has and hasn't changed. Obviously, I also try new things but when the time is short I stick to the things I know and love. Our stop to New York this year was so short, we had to be really efficient in order to do everything we had in mind, that is: eating at the Nomad hotel, shopping in Soho, visiting the new one world trade center and the oculus mall, walking through central park, stopping at Time Square and having lunch at Habana café. Once again, the trip was refreshing and unforgettable. I hope next time it will last longer so I'll be able to visit and see more!