"Foodchain" in Downtown Montreal


This new restaurant/healthy fast food situated in Downtown Montreal, opened today and displayed the meticulous work that was put in the food as well as the place's design. "Foodchain", though the name rises questions concerning the 101 law on french language, is a salad place that promises a potential for multiple branches opening. It's seems the salad concept is the trend right now for restaurants; just by looking at Mandy's salades gourmandes fourth branch that opened in the old Montreal we can easily say salads are a safe bet! Foodchain though, tries to offer more of a young and easy vibe that manifests itself through the display, the design and the opened kitchen that presents a view on the busy employees preparing the salads.

Charles-Antoine Crête, owner of the Montréal Plaza, is the one with his sous-chef Cheryl Johnson behind the 8 original salads offered on the menu. Knowing the chef's amazing talent and his previous work, I was expecting something more crazy, still the pairing of the ingredients pointed out his acute sense of balance of flavours. As for the design of the place, it was led by none other than Zebulon Perron, the master of restaurant design when it comes to the city of Montreal. Foodchain's design rimes with efficiency and freshness, qualities at the heart of the concept. If you happen to be in the neighboorhood, make sure to stop by.