A Weekend at the Chalet

We decided to go for a three day weekend to the Adirondack region in New York State. We stayed in the town of Wilmington, a cute and peaceful place known for its Olympic mountain, Whiteface. Each morning started with a good breakfast at home accompanied of coffee. Once energised by it, we jumped in the car and drove to the surrounding towns. Lake Placid, the closest town to Wilmington, is probably the most known. It hosted the Olympics in 1932 and 1980. It's a great destination mainly because there's always events happening like the annual Iron Man competition or the horse shows. Once there, we discovered a cute vegetarian lunch restaurant called the Good Bite, an authentic movie theater, a great organic grocery shop and more. Next town Keene! On our way there we stopped at the Lower Cascade Lake for a little swim.

At Keene we visited a series of shops (ADK shops) own by the same family. They sale goods from the Adirondack region. We continued our drive toward Keene Valley where we shopped at the cute Birch Store. On Saturday night, we drove to the Ausable Brewery which was a bit far from where we stayed. We ate great local food there (the best chicken we've ever tasted!) surrounded by the locals. There is so much to see and visit, but finally, if you happen to go in the region be sure to stop at the Farmers market hosted on Sundays (it takes place between Keene and Keene Valley). Also if you want to see cute baby cows and eat good cheese go to the Sugar House Creamery in Wilmington, a must!

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