Sunday Brunch at Arthur's

You can't miss Arthur's Nosh Bar while walking on Notre-Dame street in St-Henri. The neon sign, with its electric pink, grabs your attention immediately. The design of the exterior sets itself apart from the other restaurants in the neighborhood.. Since its opening this past June the place has been one of the most talked about restaurant for brunch. We were lacking reasons not to go there, so we decided to give it a
try this Sunday.

While waiting (be ready to wait between 45 min and 1 hour) the host kindly serves treats making the wait somehow enjoyable. When you finally manage to get in you instantly feel as if the place has been there for ages. The vibrant atmosphere and the friendly and welcoming staff make it worth the wait. We were very satisfied when looking at the menu, they have so many different Jewish specialities, we wanted to try everything! We ordered their french toast and the shoukshaka, both were delicious. As enjoyable as it was, don't expect to be able to stay there for a long time because the client flow is pretty crazy. It was tasty, but short, not the typical calm Sunday brunch we know. You should definetely give it a try.